The embedded version and the Developer SDK has been shut down.

The API has been shut down on June 30th 2017. Existing installs will continue to work, but may cease to function without notice. It is recommended that you move away from the API as soon as possible.

For websites that currently have the embed version running, there will be no change to the code. However, users that enter the room name that is indicated in the code, will now be taken to a new tab with the video room, instead of opening directly on your web page.

The following options will still be able available to utilize with your website:

  • You can keep the embed code from the API as is today, but instead of opening within your website itself, a new tab will open.
  • You can create a custom button on your site that links to an room of your choice.

SDK Changelog

The following is a changelog for the JavaScript SDK.


All versions of the appearin-sdk is now deprecated.


  • Correctly support room names without prepending slash


  • Update package.json with correct git repository link


  • Updates to package.json to add more useful fields and description
  • Updates to README so it doesn't read like a repository on npm


  • Initial release of the JavaScript SDK